SMCL Online Payment Terms and Conditions

Please read our online payment terms and conditions before filling out the form.

  1. Saint Michael’s College of Laguna has engaged with Paynamics Technologies, Inc. as its an online payment gateway service.

    1. Biller’s Name will be Paynamics Technologies Inc. or Payexpress, depending on the choice of the payment channel.

  2. Upon proceeding to “Payment,” the “User” will be redirected to Paynamics’ secure payment page.

  3. The “User” agrees to pay a convenience fee which will be added on top of the amount to be paid on the chosen payment option.

  4. By using the online payment, you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate. The College will not be liable for any incorrect detail entered by the “User” in the Paynamics online payment system.

    1. Refer to your Student Account or Enrollment Assessment Form in the SEMIS, if applicable, to ensure correct payment details.

  5. For Over the Counter and Payment Outlet channels, a Reference Number will be emailed to you. Always indicate a valid and active e-mail address.

  6. Upon payment, you will receive a notification via e-mail indicating the actual status of the payment made.

  7. For successful transaction, you may claim your official receipt/s from the Cashier.

  8. Overpayment (Refund) will be credited based on the following conditions:

    1. If fully paid, refund will be credited next school year.

    2. If graduating student, overpayment will be credited to graduation fee.

    3. If student will not enroll at SMCL next school year, refund will be released a month after the current enrollment period has ended.

    4. Transferring or withdrawing student, whether or not the student actually attended classes:

      1. Transfer or withdrawal must be in writing.

      2. Withdrawal within the first (1) week of classes, may be charged a penalty of twenty-five percent (25%) of amount paid.

      3. Withdrawal within the second (2) week of classes, may be charged a penalty of fifty percent (50%) of amount paid.

      4. Withdrawal afterward, may be charged a penalty of one hundred percent (100%) of amount paid.

  9. There will be no cancellation of payment.

  10. Only payment for school fees will be refunded.

Payment Method Convenience Fee
Online Payments
Bancnet 35
BDO Online Bills Payment 35
PNB Online Bills Payment 35
UCPB Online Bills Payment 35
Security Bank Online Bills Payment 35
Gcash 25 if less than P 1,000 | 2.5% if higher
Unionbank Online Bills Payment 25 if less than P 1,000 | 2.5% if higher
BPI Online 25 if less than P 1,250 | 2% if higher
Over the Counter Payments
BDO Online Over the Counter 35
PNB Over the Counter 35
UCPB Over the Counter 35
Mlhuillier 35
Cebuana 35
DA5 (Western Union) 35
Expresspay 35
CLIQQ (via 7 Eleven) 35
Truemoney 35